C-Bizzle Is In The Hizzle (isuxatlife18) wrote,
C-Bizzle Is In The Hizzle

Stupid Girl

So yesterday I was driving around with my windows down and I totally forgot that I have a messed up driver's seat window. I had the window half way down. It started to rain, so I was trying to get the damn thing up. The damn thing wasn't going up at all. I tried pulling it up and still nothing. My cousin was even helping me out. Well anyways, I thought if I put it all the way down it would go back up but nope that didn't work either. So I called up my pops to see if he could help me out. Sure enough he helped me out the best he could. I have plastic covering my window and now I can't see while I am driving. So now I have to wait until this stupid weather clears in order to get my window back up and be able to drive the car. Ugh!!!! I swear I can be really retarded at times. I should have just left the window alone. All I was doing was trying to get some air into my car because my ac doesn't work all of sudden. UGH!!!!!! I suck

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